Why WholeBlue?

People often ask why I named my business WholeBlue. Having worked in marketing for many years, I understand their concern. A name should be quick to understand, not odd-seeming. But I stand by it and I’ll tell you why.

First the word Whole. That word is a very short way to describe the goal of my business. Whole strives to help people have the most whole life possible in body, soul and spirit, with a foundation built on a trial of a whole-food, plant-based diet.

The preponderance of the scientific evidence suggests that while we won’t be able to beat death, many of us can live a fuller and physically healthier life than we currently experience. The key is to focus on eating foods in their most whole form, coupled with improving well-being in every other area of life, including in sprit and soul.

I added the second word, Blue, to differentiate my business from others. This is the word most people wonder about. First, blue is the color most associated with health, healing and integrity. It also symbolizes trust, wisdom, confidence and truth. Whole symbolizes all these things.

Blue, and in particular WholeBlue, is also a play on words. In many hospitals around the world, staff will call a "code blue" when someone's heart or breathing has stopped, to bring all available personnel together to bring that person back to life.

The goal of WholeBlue is to bring students back to life where they most need life, whether body, soul or spirit, or all three areas. WholeBlue conveys the need to act quickly to make that happen.

I go into much more detail with my answer to the question Why WholeBlue? in the WholeBlue Living course. To be notified when the next enrollment period opens, please sign up for the waiting list here.