Healthy Bones

This past Labor day I intended to work. I wanted to finish painting the front of our garage, a job I started some time in August (or was it July).  So I washed it down (again) and got out everything I needed to finish the job.

My husband held the ladder while I painted the peak, then made sure the ladder was secure for the lower areas, before going back into the house. I moved it to a lower section yet, tested it, and climbed up. I was just painting the final section, when the ladder slipped beneath me, of course taking me down to the cement driveway with it.

When I landed, I did a quick assessment, then crouch-walked into the house, as my husband came running out to find out what happened. I laid myself on the living room floor and continued to assess the damage to my body. I felt first a scratch on my right arm. Then pain in my elbow, which I iced. I also felt some tingling in my left hand, but I moved my fingers around, it didn’t seem serious.

When I felt I had rested enough, I went out to finish a little more painting (what I could reach without the ladder). Then I cleaned the brushes, and rested some more, and then my husband and I went for a short hike.

Toward the end of our hike, I began to feel pain in my left hand. It intensified quickly over the next hour, until it became unbearable. We decided to go to urgent care. Thankfully, the x-rays didn’t show a break. A splint, some acetaminophen, and a few hours later the pain subsided.

Fast forward to a follow-up visit with the orthopedic doctor and I learned my bones are good. He didn’t find any evidence of a break or arthritis (which is common among people my age).

I think it’s thanks to our diet. That news, coupled with the results from my recent health-screening (all good) will keep me eating plant-based for a long time to come.

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