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The foundation of WholeBlue Eating is the idea that we all have the potential to live fuller, stronger lives. My goal is to serve you so you can reach that potential and live your most important dreams.

Whether you’re just starting to look at your options for improved health and vitality, or whether you’ve tried hundreds of approaches and are close to giving up, I’m here to help you reach the strongest, most energetic you possible.

One thing my students have in common is they couldn't imagine living without meat, eggs, or dairy, but through the WholeBlue Eating course they learned how to make plant-based meals leading to lost weight and improved health.


Hi. I’m Ellen Batchelor, and I’m Whole.

For much of my career I have worked in the health industry.  Since I’ve never been much of a “blood and guts” girl, I loved each of my administrative roles supporting leading medical researchers and nationally known quality improvement teams. My work allowed me to be in the thick of interesting and cutting-edge healthcare without being a doctor myself.

Yet, the longer I worked in the field, the more disillusioned I became. It seemed that diseases like diabetes and heart disease were getting more prevalent, not less. People have been living longer, but have they been healthier during the journey?

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This is the home of WholeBlue Eating and Whole, LLC mind-body work, for everyone who wants to make lasting improvements in spirt, soul, or body. It is designed to be inspirational and teach about a Whole lifestyle, including whole-food, plant-based nutrition.

This is the place for Ellen to share her experiences, her knowledge and to pull together and share what others have learned, too, to help you on your journey, whether you’ve already decided you want to try a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle or you’re just exploring.

Let's travel together down the path toward being the most whole we can be, whether you've been on the journey a long time or are just beginning.

P.S. Coming soon: Testimonials and stories of Whole transformations.

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