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Take charge of your own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

WholeBlue Living

WholeBlue Living is a 10-week, interactive, video-based training program that teaches effective strategies to help individuals take control of their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and live stronger, more energetic lives all the way to the end.

The healthcare system tells us we’re going to get sicker. But it doesn’t have to be that way for all of us. If you think you’re doomed to all of the illnesses of “old age” or that you will just get more and more tired as you get older, check out this program.

You may be able to reclaim your remaining years so you can achieve your dreams. All of them.



Hi. I’m Ellen Batchelor, and I’m Whole.

My goal for you is to be as whole as you can be too.

I believe that being whole means to continuously strive to improve in body, soul, and spirit. We all can be better, stronger and healthier in these areas, but sometimes we don’t know how to get there.

My journey started with skepticism. I want as much evidence as I can find before I’ll believe. And then I like to try with my skeptic’s eye. I have spent hours, really years, researching what I believe is the best of the best in emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, and then living it and finally, seeing the amazing results.

I created this space so you don't have to spend the years I did. I share all that I learned with you through the free materials, the free workshop and the WholeBlue course.

So dig in and start your own journey. I've already blazed a trail for you, so you can quickly start living your dreams.


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This is the home of WholeBlue Living and Whole, LLC mind-body work, for everyone who wants to make lasting improvements in spirt, soul, or body. It is designed to be inspirational and teach about a Whole lifestyle, including whole-food, plant-based nutrition.

This is the place for Ellen to share her experiences, her knowledge and to pull together and share what others have learned, too, to help you on your journey, whether you’ve already decided you want to try a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle or you’re just exploring.

Let's travel together down the path toward being the most whole we can be, whether you've been on the journey a long time or are just beginning.


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